Raus aufs Land?

The studio rent is too high? The Berlin lifestyle is killing you? All too much? Maybe you want to move to the countryside and set up your creative / tech / art business there? Does that work out? Is that just too romantic? Will I lose all my cool urban friends when living in the middle of nowhere?

On the November 15th, together with The Constitute invite you to join a small and cosy session on that topic at the Applied Future Studio in Kreuzberg. Michael Seelig, who is a long time activist for creative industries in the rural Wendland area 230km in the west of Berlin tells about his experiences. He knows best. Our second guest is Philipp Thürwächter, an IT developer living in Luckenwalde, 100km south of Berlin.  

Michael Seelig also invites you to come to the Wendland for a weekend. To see, feel and smell the advantages of country side work life balance yourself. Learn more about this trip at the event.


  • 19:00 doors
  • 19:30 short introduction
  • 20:00 q&a and hangout


  • Ended
  • Registration is not currently available.

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