MagnoliaJS 2020 (REMOTE)

2nd Annual MagnoliaJS

Due to COVID-19, this conference is now fully remote and is also 2 days. The event will be streamed to ticketholders on April 16 and 17.

Last year was our inaugural year for MagnoliaJS, and it was amazing. Planned in only 2 months, we still had 130+ attendees and top-tier speakers who flew in from all around the country to take part.

This year we are returning to continue our mission of growing the developer community in Mississippi and putting Mississippi "on the map" in tech.

Another novel thing about MagnoliaJS - everything is planned in public! You can always see our todos in our GitHub repo.


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April 15th, 2020

9:00am – 4:00pm CDT
Workshop: Deep JavaScript Fundamentals with Tyler Clark

Take Your JavaScript Fundamentals to the Next Level 🚀

So you’ve got a good understanding of JavaScript syntax. You probably have a high-level picture of standard JavaScript concepts. Maybe you’re using a framework like React, Vue, or Angular and you know how to make things that “just work”.

Everything is great, until some non-happy path implementation arises

And if someone put you on the spot, how well could you explain this?

Now you’re thinking, “Oh Crap…”

But don’t fret!

Tyler Clark has put together a workshop that’s not your average “Intro to JavaScript”.

In this workshop, you’ll be taking things to the next level, shining a light into “black-box” concepts like prototypes, the this keyword, and what primitive types are.

Tyler will walk you through each concept, and build your understanding through examples and hands-on exercises in the areas you need to know.

Topics Include:

Primitive Types: the What, How, and Why Reference Execution with the this Keyword Understanding Implicit vs Explicit Coercion How Prototypal Inheritance Works in JS Using the ES6 Class Keyword Understand Lexical vs. Dynamic Scope Demystifying the New Keyword And much more!

After this workshop with Tyler, not only will you have a deeper understanding of JavaScript but you’ll feel more confident in your next interview and will have a better understanding on what frameworks are doing behind the scenes.

April 16th, 2020

7:30am – 6:00pm CDT
General Admission