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  • Sara Dickerman is a James Beard award-winning writer and the author of Bon Appetit: The Food Lover’s Cleanse. Her new book, Secrets of Great Second Meals, use leftovers as a springboard for kitchen creativity! Built around flexible recipes that can handle a lot of variations, Sara teaches you strategies to make yesterday's extra food into vivacious "second meals” full of bold flavor and appeal. With these techniques, you will learn how to make better use of the food you already have in the refrigerator. You’ll reduce wasted food (and money) and get more meals out of your good home cooking. The book also includes recipes for Sara’s favorite “first meals: sure-fire dishes that are adaptable in many different directions throughout the week. We will be making and eating: mixed cheese gougeres with dates and arugula lemony Greek chicken soup with dill saffron rice pudding
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