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  • Do you want to investigate the role food plays in your life and health? Have you been thinking you might need to eliminate a food but you would rather have the help of a doctor and chef instead of trying to follow something online? Dr. Kimberly Allen and Shauna Ahern present this 6-week series to help you through the process. For years, Dr. Allen has been guiding patients through this thoughtful elimination diet, then the reintroduction of foods. Each week she will teach the science behind why food can mess with our minds, hormones, gut health, and immune system.. And each week, you will share dinner made of the foods you can eat on this elimination diet, prepared by cookbook author Shauna Ahern, with additional recipes to give you plenty of ideas for a nourishing month. And of course, you will have the community of other people undergoing this journey with you. This is a 6-week series. The price reflects the cost of the entire series. 1. March 14th — prepping for the month 2. February 21st — food should not mess with your mind 3. March 28th — food should not mess with your hormones 4. April 4th— food should not mess. with your gut health 5. April 11th — food should not mess with your immune system 6. April 18th — wrap-up of the process and how to reintroduce foods So sign up for the entire series. You'll have a delicious dinner every week, plus scientific support and community. We look forward to working with you.
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