The Problem with Big Tech

Putting privacy, ethics and sustainability first in your digital and data projects

From disinformation to data privacy, from monopolising cartels to carbon impact; the concentration of wealth and power of “Big Tech” is now an issue no social change organisation can afford to ignore in their work.

But the tools and platforms provided by big tech now seem essential for any campaigning organisation to function effectively. So how can you collect and use data on digital platforms that aligns with your mission and values, that truly respects the people you work with, as well as your supporters?

This workshop will provide a critical overview of the digital platform economy.

We’ll get under the lid to see how it really works; we’ll explore why data extraction is so essential to its growth, and we’ll also explore it’s rapidly growing environmental impact.

We’ll then explore practical tools and tactics that can enable you to fundamentally change the way you approach all your digital systems and your work.

We’ll cover:

  • Ethical frameworks for using society media - how to ensure your promoting safe spaces and conversations online, and your protecting and not violating your network’s privacy
  • Alternative platforms and systems - open source, privacy-focused alternatives for CRMs and cloud services
  • Privacy-centred design for your digital products
  • New approaches to collecting data - Mozilla's lean data toolkit and ethical “data stewardship"

The will be an informal talk for about one hour - with another 30 minutes for further discussion.

Alistair Alexander is a producer and project leader of art and community projects exploring technology and its impact on society. Until last year Alistar led The Glassroom Project. - - an immersive art exhibition engaging the public on technology and privacy that reached over 140\,000 people in 40 countries worldwide. Alistair has led trainings and workshops on privacy, technology and disinformation for NGO, companies, activists, libraries and the general public - and is now developing his own workshop and training projects in Berlin.


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