Technical Dinners: July 2021 - San Francisco [IRL EVENT]

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We are extremely excited to welcome you back to IRL events!

While we await corporate venue sponsors for larger meetups, we are excited to get together for a new type of event: Technical Dinners.

Inspired by the speaker dinners we've organized for conferences, Technical Dinners offer a more intimate, relaxed, and social setting in the private dining room of an upscale restaurant in San Francisco. The evening's schedule is as follows:

  • 6:00pm: Cocktails, mocktails, networking
  • 6:55: Welcome Toast
  • 7:00: Plated Dinner
  • 8:00: Technical Talks

- Only 25 tickets available -

Thanks To Bugsnag for sponsoring this event!

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Talk 1

🎙️ Swizec Teller: What’s so exciting about React 18?
The suspense is over! React 18 comes with concurrent mode.
You’ve been waiting for years, read all the tweets, watched all the demos, laughed at the memes – is cool idea but it’s never gonna happen. It’s too good to be true.
But they finally did it! React 18 ships with concurrent mode 😍
In this talk, we’ll look at how you can start using React 18 in existing projects and push concurrent mode to the limit. Huge state updates without custom performance hacks? You got it. Native support for loading UI? Oh yes. Faster apps with less work? Dreamy.
Based on this blog post

Talk 2

🎙️ Want to be a featured presenter? Submit your talk here.


Where is the event held?
In the private dining room of an upscale restaurant in downtown SF. Venue will be shared with you once you purchase.
Is the event held indoors?
Are masks required?
Masks are optional.
Are attendees required to be fully-vaccinated and show proof?
Yes, you must show proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 at the door.
What does the admission fee cover?
Exclusive access to this intimate event with an open bar, 3-course meal, and 1-2 technical talks.
Do you accept refund requests?
No, we do not accept refund requests as the funds reserve a limited number of seats, which pays for the venue, food, and A/V.

What do Technical Dinners look like?

  • Spirited discussions with like-minded colleagues
  • Deep education with the featured talks
  • A breath of fresh air & a return to normalcy

Below are a few photos from past speaker dinners, which inspired this event format: an image of past speaker dinners

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