React Native EU 2023

React Native EU is the biggest community conference in Europe focused exclusively on React Native. This is a unique place where RN developers can expand their knowledge by learning from Core Contributors and the best industry leaders.  This year we are going to meet at React Native EU for the seventh time, and it’s going to be a fully onsite event in the beautiful city of Wrocław, Poland. So save the dates and get your ticket for this one-of-a-kind experience!

Register now to enjoy:

  • 25 expert talks on technical topics
  • Global networking opportunities
  • The awesome vibe at talks & after-party
  • Welcoming and inclusive environment
  • Top Callstack quality

More details coming soon!

Please note, if you buy a ticket and later get selected as a speaker at React Native EU 2023, your ticket will be refunded.

Join us at #ReactNativeEU 2023!

Need to convince your boss to fund your attendance? Use our resources to support your case.

Enjoy your stay at React Native EU with our extensive travel guide. Lean how to get to Wrocław, where to stay, and how to spend free time there.

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