React Native EU 2022 - Virtual Edition

React Native EU is the first community conference in Europe focused exclusively on React Native. This is a unique event where React Native developers can expand their knowledge by learning from Core Contributors and the best industry leaders.

This year we are going to meet at React Native EU for the sixth time, and for the third time it’s going to be a fully online event so again you will have all the expert talks delivered straight to your home.

Our virtual conference is completely free of charge!

What's included in the access?

  • 20 live-streamed talks
  • React Native Super Stars
  • High-tech content only
  • Interactions with Speakers & Attendees
  • Access to keynotes and materials
  • Unique experience, first of its kind in React Native community!

More details coming soon!

Join us at React Native EU 2022 Virtual Edition!

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