Workshop June 5, 2024

React Bricks Workshop - Level 1


Additional Information


  • What is React Bricks
  • Set up a project with Next.js App Router and React Bricks
  • Create custom content blocks with branded design
  • Leverage TypeScript and Tailwind CSS
  • Use existing React components and make them visually editable
  • Use the React Bricks snippets plugin for Visual Studio Code

5 Reasons to attend:

  • Create stunning and functional websites, blogs, or landing pages like Beara Beara, React Paris, HBCU Go, or major banks such as La Banque Postale.
  • Leverage a unique Visual Headless CMS that provides the best UX for content editors and the best DX for React developers.
  • Empower the marketing team, while keeping control over brand standards.
  • Streamline the development process with the help of React components and TypeScript.
  • Discover the new App Router starter with React Server Components, which boosts website performance and developer productivity.