The Cycling Jersey – Craftsmanship, Speed & Style

An evening dedicated to the art, craft and legacy of the cycling jersey. To produce his book on the subject, devoted collector Oliver Knight undertook a journey across Europe to examine the stories behind these iconic items.

'The Cycling Jersey - Craftsmanship, Speed & Style' provides an in-depth study into the history and evolution of the cycling jersey, including the first hand accounts from the riders who wore them, the designers who create them and the collectors who now covet them.

A book created for, and with the participation of, the growing network of devotees who appreciate the culture, craft and heritage of these iconic items.

The evening will comprise of a panel discussion held with collectors and designers to investigate the timeless allure and increasing interest in these jerseys from the pre-lycra era, as well as a book signing and interview with the author on the making of the book.

There will also be an in-store display of a selection of some of the most mythic vintage wool cycling jerseys, from the vaults of the author.