Rapha + The Lincoln GP

In 2020, Rapha stepped in to save the Lincoln Grand Prix, only for the race to be cancelled by the pandemic. This October, the race makes a triumphant return.

This time, the prizes are even bigger as, for the first time in its history, the race will host the British National Time Trial, Road Race and Circuit Championships in one week.

Join us in Lincoln, where we'll be celebrating everything that makes British grassroots racing great. As well as popping up in prime locations on the race courses to keep spectators caffeinated and entertained, we'll be hosting rides and events and selling a limited edition Lincoln GP cap – which directly funds the race.

Lincoln GP: Past, Present and Future

Join us on Saturday, 16th October, the rest day between National Championship races, as we host a panel talk with some legends of the Lincoln GP. Hosted by Home Roads podcaster and broadcaster Matt Barbet, we'll hear from domestic pros past and present Dean Downing, Alice Barnes, Elinor Barker and Joey Walker – who will discuss the legacy of Britain’s most prestigious race and this year’s historic weekend of racing.

Ride the Course

Get a taste of the race first hand by taking a lap of the course before heading out to some of Lincolnshire's beautiful lanes. Meeting at RCC Partner Cafe, Stokes for coffee before rolling out at a steady, social pace.


  • Sold out
  • Location: Stokes Cafe
    Time: 11am meet, 11.30am roll out
    Distance: 50km
    Full details to come.
  • In partnership with Lincoln Bike Night
    Location: The Blue Room, Lincoln
    Time: 6.30-9pm
    The Q&A will begin at 7.30pm.
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