Women's 100

The Rapha Women’s 100 is a display of collective spirit amongst women cyclists around the world. Since its inception, in 2013, the Women’s 100 has inspired women around the world, to come together to ride 100km all on the same day. Read on to RSVP for a ride.


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  • Led by Ruth and Ben, this will be a social ride through the much-loved Cotswolds. We'll mostly ride on quiet rolling country lanes. The pace is easy but steady with an average of 23-24kmh. We'll do short stops whenever someone needs a break. Please check the forecast and come prepared according to the weather conditions. Don't forget to bring enough food, water, mini tool, pump, inner tuber, and money for coffee+cake at the end. We'll start from Bike Zone in St Michael's Street at 8:50am and finish our ride at the Jam Factory right next to the station. We look forward to riding with you and keep fingers crossed for good weather! Find the route here.
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