Women's 100

The Rapha Women’s 100 is a display of collective spirit amongst women cyclists around the world. Since its inception, in 2013, the Women’s 100 has inspired women around the world, to come together to ride 100km all on the same day. Read on to RSVP for a ride.


  • This is a ride for the new-to or recently just started cyclist, looking to push them selves to that next level. The group will mainly consist of OL1 Crossfit members but all are welcome. Starting from OL1 Crossfit (Oldham) at 8.00am we will head to the flatlands of Cheshire, through the picturesque lanes before stopping briefly at the famous Jodrell Bank. After some caffeine and cake, we will head North back to the RCCMCR clubhouse to hopefully meet with other W100 groups from the day, before making our final push back to OL1. No doubt there will be varying abilities, and whilst all efforts will be made to keep every one together, it is fully expected each rider will be self sufficient should their plans change, and fully be aware of the route. Led by Lee Jackson, you can find the route here.
By the power of Tito