A Day in Hell is our ode to the Queen of the Classics. Rapha hosts rides around the world, each inspired by Roubaix but with a unique local flavour, to give you a taste of what the pros will experience in Northern France. A Day in Hell will return in April 2022.

The Classics have returned to their rightful place in the early season and their Queen reigns over Easter weekend. A Day in Hell translates the agony and the ecstasy of the cobbles to local roads across the UK as we take on the finest 'gravé', defined as:

"(an area of) farm track/road/footpath/bridleway etc. which consists of potholes, loose paving, stones, rubble, and mud."

Taking place over the Easter weekend of the 16th-18th April, you may time your trip to Hell around your schedule and you may roll on or off the route at a place convenient to you. Simply ride your local route and visit your local partner cafe or reward yourself with a Belgian beer, some frites and a comfy place to watch the racing.

Routes and specific event details will be sent to all participants some days before the event.

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Things to Note:

Gravé is not gravel. A Day in Hell is built in tribute to a time long before gravel bikes and wide tyre clearances and so are not as off-road focussed as a typical gravel route, with non-tarmac sectors making up less than 30% of the route. All of our routes have been test ridden and are designed to be 28c passable. However, definitions of this may vary, and you undertake to ride any route at your own risk. Many of these routes will include cobbles, cobbled climbs, gravel, bridleway and another such unpaved terrain. Please study the route you are sent and avail yourself of any tricky sections. Please make sure you are self-sufficient on the road, as there will be no support during this ride beyond that which you or any friends can provide you with. Please be considerate to others on paths and bridleways. Many of these are shared use. If you or anyone in your family have any symptoms of COVID-19 do not participate.



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