Rapha Women's 100 Benelux

This ride is about inspiring women all over the world to ride 100km; a milestone for some, a new route or adventure for others. Expect the route to be scenic and see this as an opportunity to meet some new friends. This ride is for all level of riders. Please find below a ride in your area, details and sign up. One week before the event, we will send you all the final information.


  • From Antwerp Linkeroever, we head up north through the quiet winding roads of het Waasland and crossing the Dutch Boarder. In the area of Verdronken Land van Saeftighe, at a scenic spot we stop for a bottle refill, some cookies and bananas. Via another loop we return safe and sound back to Bar Left. Where a beach vibe awaits for a sweet après-bike. We meet at Butchers Coffee, Kasteelstraat 57, Antwerp Timings 09:00 - 14:00
Antwerp (BEL) Women's 100 are unavailable, but other tickets are still available.
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