• The first day of the Festive 500. This ride will be 70km with a speed of 27-30 km/ph and wearing your over the top Christmas Sweater. We will have a no drop policy but expect you to be able to average at least 27 km/ph. Meet up at 09:30 & roll out at 10:00 @Rapha Clubhouse Amsterdam. At the end of the ride the person with the most over the top Christmas Sweater will receive an award.
  • Pay a visit to our satellite cafe in Amersfoort; de Mechanieker. There will be snacks and drinks when we arrive at the Mechanieker and before we head back to Amsterdam. This ride will be 115km and we will ride 28 km/ph average. Meet up at 08:30 and roll out at 09:00 @ Rapha Clubhouse Amsterdam
  • Holland is famous for it’s strong winds, or ‘Dutch Mountains’. ‘Climbing’ the Dutch Mountais can be painfull, so how about putting the wind in our advantage? This ride will be 130km with (hopefully) some good tailwind. We will take a train back to Amsterdam, so make sure to bring some money for a train ticket. Average will be at least 28-30 km/ph depending on the wind. We will meet at 08:30 and roll out at 09:00 @ Rapha Clubhouse Amsterdam
  • Get ready to get dirty on a 120km loop including a lot of gravel sections. Marjan Peters will lead this ride and will average around 26 km/ph. We will meet at 09:00 and roll out at 09:30 @Rapha Clubhouse Amsterdam
  • Burn off the calories of the night before with an easy 60km ride and Kerststol afterwards in the Clubhouse. We will average between 27-30 km/ph with a no drop policy. We meet up at 09:30 and roll out at 10:00 @Rapha Clubhouse Amsterdam
  • Nothing beats a good adventure. We will meet up @Rapha Clubhouse Amsterdam from where we will take the train to a unknown location. You will need to find your own way back without phone and navigation (for emergency and GPS tracking only). The location is 100km away, however how long your journey will take is up to you. Costs for the train ticket will be around €20,- including your bike, please take this with you on the day self. Please note that we only have spots for 8 people. Meet up at 07:45 @Rapha Clubhouse Amsterdam.
  • After it’s succes last year we will carry on the tradition of looping the Ronde Hoep. You can put in a big effort by riding as many as you can, or just get the last kilometers in to get to 500k. There will be a group leaving from the Clubhouse at 9.00am (roll out 09:30), although everybody can join in at the Ronde Hoep or ride the loop by themselves. We have a stand along the loop with food and snacks to refill your energy from 10:00 - 15:00.
  • It's Festive 500! Cycle a Christmas star around Amsterdam and impress all your friends on Strava ;). We will ride 100 km with different levels averaging around 28/30 km/hour. Our rides have a “no drop” policy and we allow several chances to regroup if necessary. We will start at the Rapha Clubhouse Amsterdam and head west to create the first point of our star. From there we head south (second point), then make our way back up the hoep to Ouderkerk. We will turn back down and circle Baambrugge for our third star point, then head to Muiden for the fourth. We'll knock out our final point by crossing over into Noord, arriving back in the center with the ferry. Meet for coffee at 9am, roll out at 9:30am from Rapha Clubhouse Amsterdam
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