Rapha Pop-Up Reuters Plaza – Canary Wharf – Workshops

This summer, Rapha is bringing its Clubhouse experience to Canary Wharf, with a packed agenda of rides and events to help you explore the docks, quays and waterways of London’s East End. With a range of current collections for both men and women, the Pop-Up has everything you need for cycling on the road, over gravel, or commuting through the city. Plus, with the help of our official ride leaders, our itinerary of self-guided rides will have you cycling around the city in ways you’d never expect, revealing lesser-known areas of the capital.

Address: Canary Wharf, 2 Reuters Plaza, London, E14 5AJ, England

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 7pm Sat 10am to 6pm Sun 12pm to 6pm Bank holidays 11am to 6pm

Weekly Workshops – Covering everything from nutrition to strength training, and roadside repairs to riding in groups, the Pop-Up workshops will develop your cycling and improve your time on the bike. The classes are held at 1.15pm onTuesday each week, so sign up to the newsletter to stay informed. More info & tickets below.

Find out more – www.rapha.cc/CanaryWharf


  • Veloforte #Fuelbetter Workshop: More & more workers are choosing to actively commute & getting your fuelling right can make all the difference to your day ahead. On 04/08/20 Lara Giusti - Co-Founder & Head Chef @Veloforte - will be in our Canary Wharf pop up from 1.15pm -1.45pm to take you through the natural way to #fuelbetter and answer all your questions on the Award Winning Veloforte range. Email lara@veloforte.cc to arrange a bespoke appointment.
  • Velo Atelier Bikefitting workshop: Do you struggle to get comfortable on the bike or feel like you aren’t getting the most from your power. Then you may need to adjust your position. On the 18/08/20, Lee Prescott, the creator of the Velo Atelier Clinical Bikefit Protocol and Vice President of the International Bikefit Institute, will be in our Canary Wharf pop up from 1.15pm - 1.45pm to answer all of your questions about bikefitting and your position.
  • Muc-Off Maintenance Clinic: Got some questions about bike care and maintenance? Our friends at Muc-Off will be joining us at our Canary Wharf pop up from 1.15- 1.45pm on the 25th August. Whether you want to know which lube to use and when, when to re-grease your bearings or how to go tubeless, they’ll be on hand to help you keep your bike looking box fresh and running smooth like butter for longer. They’ll also be bringing along some samples for you to try at home!
  • With a strong reputation for true innovation, implementing leading technologies, clean and clear design as well as the highest standards in quality and service, Canyon continues to expand worldwide, selling more bikes outside of its native Germany than within since 2008. The workshops offers you the chance to meet the team and find out more about their world-leading innovations.
  • An introduction to the komoot discovery feed & route planner: Complete komoot newbie? There are various ways of finding your next adventure on komoot: from using ready-made Tours and inspiration from our komoot discovery feed, to planning your own Tours with the komoot route planner. Tips, tricks & shortcuts to help you find and ride the best places to ride You’ll learn how to tap into local recommendations, view in-depth surface information and find other riders in your area.
  • Guide to indoor training with Wahoo: Many of us have had to change the way we ride in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, be that riding solo and staying closer to home, or staying indoors all together. If you, like many others, found yourself bemused by the technology required to get started with riding indoors, our friends at Wahoo will be on hand on the 15th September to help explain how to get set up for a successful virtual ride. Come and learn all there is to know about indoor cycling, and have a play with all the latest indoor training equipment including the Wahoo KICKR BIKE.
  • More cyclists are choosing customized kits than ever before, but with this comes a lot of questions. How does design work? What is delivery time? How 'customizable' can I actually go? UK Custom Sales Manager Dean and Jess Money (Graphic Designer - Custom Apparel) will be in our Canary Wharf pop up from 1.15pm - 1.45pm to take you through the Rapha Custom process and answer all your questions. Email dean.hill@rapha.cc to arrange a bespoke appointment.
  • Colonna, the roastery behind the delicious coffee served at our clubhouses from La Palma in Colombia will be hosting a coffee tasting, Bringing with them a selection of their most interesting and sort after coffees from their current offering. You will have the chance to taste and learn about different coffees as well as being able to ask the team any questions you may have about getting the best out of your brew at home.
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