Rapha X Canyon - Women's 100 Prep Ride 2 | 6.30am, 8 Sep

The Rapha Women’s 100 is our annual celebration of women’s cycling and the community it creates around the world.

On 14th September 2019, women all over the world will ride 100 km in one day together, creating lasting memories and friendships, inspiring each other and achieving a collective goal. Together.

Our Women's 100 Preparation Ride aims to get riders used to cycling longer distances in order to build endurance, bike handling and pack riding skills to get them in tip top condition for the 100km on 14th September.

The ride will be led by Rapha Staff and/or Ambassadors, and supported by the Rapha Cycling Club, Singapore. The group will be split into two packs with one riding a slightly longer loop at a quicker pace, please be honest with your ability.

Rapha Singapore Women's 100 Preparation Ride 2 Start Point: Macritchie Reservoir, 6.30am, 8 Sep Distance: Approx. 80km inclusive of commute home from end point Route: https://strava.app.link/xtiAcQkmEZ Estimated End Time: 9am End Point: Bakery and Bar St. Marc

Get out there on your bikes and Ride With Us!

If you have not done so already, please fill out our short waiver form in the link below: https://goo.gl/forms/5ONMBJCRvO6r7U9o2

Please note that only registered riders can join the rides.

All women are welcome!