Riding is at the heart of the RCC. Every week, RCC members meet for rides all over the world – and we believe there are few better ways of spending a few hours than out on the roads with your club-mates. On this page, you can find details of the chapter’s rides and register to join.


  • Rapha Copenhagen invites all women to join us for our Women's 100 ride.
    Departing from the Clubhouse at 10.00am, this ride will take us on a scenic route up North, coming back the classic way by the Strandvej. The ride is 100km at social pace (25km/h). A well serviced bike is advised and wearing a helmet is mandatory.
    Thanks for signing up to ride the Women's 100. This ride will be lead by a member of the Rapha Cycling Club. If you'd like to find out more about the Rapha Cycling Club and continue your riding journey with Rapha, visit rapha.cc/rcc.
Rapha Copenhagen Women's 100 23/07 are unavailable, but other tickets are still available.
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