PyConPH 2024

What is PyConPH?

Python Conference (PyCon) is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit conference centered around the Python Programming Language. It originated in the United States but is also held in many other countries that have active Python developer communities. In the Philippines, we've been organizing PyCon Philippines (PyConPH) since 2012.

After successfully hosting PyConPH 2023, we are back once again with the theme "Gabay" or guide to commemorate how the community helped us navigate through our professional and personal lives and led us to where we are.

If you've been part of the past 8 PyCons in the Philippines or any of our other events, thank you! We are always grateful for the support and warm reception.

Let's keep growing together as a community!

Why Python?

We truly believe and support the impact and innovation that Python has brought in the whole technology industry as it continues to power systems, products, and services of companies such as Google, YouTube, NASA, Disney, Instagram, Disqus, Pinterest and Bitbucket.

Python is also used as a business solution for Web Development, Automation, Monitoring, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Cloud Computing, and more.

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Additional Information

Here's a Guide for Payment Options and How to Request for OR for PyCon PH 2024 Tickets

Mabuhay! Thanks for supporting PyConPH 2024.