PyLadies International Women's Month Lightning Talks

March is International Women's Month (and Women's History Month!). Let's celebrate!

We've organized a series of remote lightning talks from PyLadies to, broadly speaking, answer the question "What does PyLadies mean to you?" or to simply share something about marginalized genders in tech/STEM or Python that brings them joy. The Zoom link will be provided via email to registered attendees.

Lightning talks may vary on the way they approach that topic but should last about 5 minutes. Have an idea for a talk? Pitch it to us here:

Please note, we will be recording the PyLadies International Women's Month Lightning Talks. You can disable your camera to prevent being recorded and opt to participate with a random name (e.g. "I have no name!") too!

Thank you PyLadies for all you do! We hope to see / cohabit a remote space with you on Saturday March 28th from 11:00 AM EDT (UTC/GMT -4 hours) to 1:00pm EDT (UTC/GMT -4 hours)!