Prompt Engineering Conference 2024

Second edition of the world's first conference about prompt engineering as a discipline. The conference will showcase a comprehensive range of topics, including theoretical foundations of prompt engineering, prompt generation methodologies, practical strategies for prompts optimizing, fine-tuning strategies, bias mitigation, innovative techniques, and many more.


  • Development

Using prompts in production-ready apps. Helping companies adopt generative AI by sharing use cases, best practices, and lessons learned.

  • Experimentation

Pure research, experiments, arts, and ideas - the "tomorrow" of prompt engineering, if you wish.

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Additional Information

Data collection policy

We request the email exclusively for sending important updates before and during the event (like streaming link) and one follow-up email after the event. We will delete all collected ticket holders' data right after.

Using AI policy

We believe that 100% (or so) AI-generated sessions will not meet the quality standards we expect. At the same time, we encourage presenters to use prompt engineering to improve their talk proposal and session content.


Our target audience is very broad, so when choosing sessions, we make sure the content is engaging and useful for everyone interested in working with generative AI tools.

What is Prompt Engineering at all?

Prompt Engineering is the technique of formulating instructions (“prompts”) for a generative AI, in order to have it produce the expected output. (Wiktionary)

This is an emerging field, and there are more and more resources available such as courses, presentations, and articles. Now is the perfect time to start learning and utilizing it in your projects. And it's time to have a conference on that topic!