Privacy Policy

Tito can be used in two capacities:

  • As an attendee if you register for an event that is hosted on Tito
  • As an organiser if you use Tito to manage event

Attendee Policy

Tito uses cookies to track page views, and browser statistics. This information is passed along to the event organiser to give them information about how many people are viewing their event.

Additionally, Tito allows organisers to use tracking services such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords or Facebook's Advertising software in order for organiser to track conversions when a registration is complete.

Registration information is passed along to the organisers of the event. We never share attendee information with any third party.

Cookies are not required to complete registrations on Tito and can be disabled safely.

 Organiser Policy

Tito uses cookies to enable authenticated login to the event management software. The cookies are not used to track any personal data, preferences or otherwise, and are only used to store logged in status.

When an organiser signs in, the cookie is configured to last for 2 weeks without asking for credentials again.

We never share organiser information with any third party without consent.

Tito employees and contractors have the ability to take control of any organiser's account for support purposes, but passwords are stored using one way encryption, that cannot be retrieved.

Overall event numbers, ticket numbers, and revenue figures are aggregated across all events for our own internal statistical use.

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