Pop up Arcade Party 2016

Press Fire to Win return with their third Pop up Arcade party for the Brighton Digital Festival. To kick off our weekend event, we are hosting a party – this year in a huuuuuge nightclub


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Additional Information

Press Fire to Win presents : Pop up Arcade Party

Friday September 16 -- 7pm - Midnight

Event safe spaces policy

Expect fun multiplayer games, a great line up of live music, DJs, and of course – JS Joust!

With music from:


Binster / .mpegasus

Captain Bleepheart

Vicki Tingle

Cisco & Parris

and more to be announced.

Many thanks to our event sponsors:

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And thanks to our supporter ticket holders:

Games include:

Woo Hoo
Digital Bird Playground Digital Bird Playground - Be a bird! Run about! Play football! Ride a bike! Be a Bird!
Shoot Shoot Mega Pack Shoot Shoot Mega Pack - A party game about friendship and shooting things
JS Joust JS Joust – Disrupt your opponents while protecting yourself
Sundown Sundown – Sneak around in the dark and murder your friends
Overcooked Overcooked – Work together to prepare fine meals. Don't set anything on fire
DYO DYO – Team up and combine worlds to find the exit in this puzzling platformer
Wrestling with Emotions Wrestling with Emotion – Take on the role of a lonely young wrestler, entering a new league and searching for LOVE

More to be announced!