OPENING EVENT AND SYMPOSIUM March 25–26th 2022 Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm

Opening event: March 25th 17:00-19:00 Talk by Nejc Prah followed by mingle over a drink

Symposium: March 26th 12:00-17:00 Talks by Yehwan Song, Elias Hanzer and Matilda Tjäder + Exhibition by students from Beckmans College of Design



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Spanning two years, four locations, and a patchworked, online hub, the Post Design Tangle is a bind that ties together communities across the Nordics and the digital world; it’s an informal circuit of flashing cables and intimate, in-person conversations.

Our first chapter, TANGLED PRACTICE, will take place from 24–26 March 2022 at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, Sweden—a two-day workshop and one-day symposium, bringing together four very different multidisciplinary thinkers and makers. The workshop is reserved for students at Beckmans, while talks and social events will be open to the public.