NodeSchool PDXNode is a community driven, open source educational software that teaches various Node.js and JavaScript skills in an interactive, self-guided format.

Thursday, April 24 6PM

Register and attend if you want to meet up at Urban Airship in Portland, OR and dive into a nodeschool workshop. There are workshops available for every skill level -- from JS beginners all the way to experienced node programmers.

You'll need to bring your own laptop

This set of workshops include:

These sessions will run concurrently, so please only register for one event. We will be offering these again, so don't fret! Bonus points if you register to mentor instead!

Nodeschool is a P2P learning event, but is being facilitated by @PDXnode


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The event will have about 30 minutes of installing and then diving into the various workshops. We'll then meet other attendees and have refreshments. The best part of doing nodeschool events in person is creating real-world connections.

If you have finished all of the nodeschool workshops already then you should consider mentoring. Sign up as a mentor to attend and help others get through their first few challenges. You can also attend and hack on new workshops -- the workshop software itself is open source.

NodeSchool strives to be a welcoming and safe event for all attendees. Attendees should follow the PDXNode Code of Conduct