NodeBots Day

2014 International NodeBots Day in Portland, OR


Additional Information

Do you love the immediate gratification of firing up a coding project and it works? How about shiny, flashing things? Combine your appreciation and join us at International NodeBots day here in Portland, OR!

This is not a hackathon. There will be no prizes other than the satisfaction of making something awesome! We're going to get together, collaborate and hack. There will be projects and challenges. Sharing. Enjoying each other's company. Learning and exploring. And JavaScript. Lots of JavaScript.

We want to show that node is an all-purpose, fun tool by showing its potential with hardware. How? By bringing together those interested in node and hardware hacking, and giving them an open space to hack, collaborate, learn, and share their results with others.

Our schedule:

10:00am Welcome! Introduction by Wraithan.

10:20-12pm Make hardware come alive.

12pm-1pm Lunch break (No sponsored lunch, feel free to bring food or go out with your new friends)

1pm-4pm Powers combined to create more flashy, blinky robot goodness.

4pm-4:30pm Show & tell.

For more info on NodeBots and preparing yourself for the ensuing awesomeness: and

Email information that went out to attendees registered by Wednesday:

Before we’re at the hack day, you'll need to get a few things ready on your laptop.

Install the latest stable (0.10.29) release of node.js from

Create your NodeBots Day project setup:

 npm install -g nodebot-workshop@2.2.1

 mkdir nodebotsday

 cd nodebotsday

 npm install johnny-five@0.8.1
  • Any newer versions than the ones listed are fine, but please make sure you have at least these versions installed.

  • If problems occur during this setup please open and copy npm-debug.log while in your project directory and gist. Then hit up #pdxnode to get help from an organizer. The directions above assume you already have an editor of choice as well as a github account.

The adventure begins at 10am.

We'll be handing out kits on a first come first serve basis and encouraging sharing between people if we run out of kits.

At noon, we will be forming a lunch train to head over to food carts, but feel free to bring a bag lunch!

Hardware provided with the starter kits:

Arduino UNO or compatible development board
Three (3) approximately 220 Ohm resistors *
Common cathode RGB LED
1k Ohm resistor *
USB cable

BYOH(Bring Your Own Hardware) is welcome! A number of people are planning on bringing in extra bits for leveling up projects. Let's share and make bigger/better/badder bots! Please bring your laptop and don’t forget your power cord.

We'll likely have someone taking photos to share how awesome our group is. If you don't want to be in photos, let an organizer know and we'll make sure the person taking photos knows.

Code of Conduct

We follow the same Code of Conduct as PDXNode. Please bring any violations to an organizer and we'll work immediately to fix the situation. Read more about our code of conduct here: