Public Speaking Workshop for Women

If you're interested in leveling up your public speaking skills, join us on Saturday, February 22nd for a day of inspiring talks from women who rock, workshopping with incredible mentors from the tech community, and (only if you're up for it) getting on stage to deliver your first lightning talk.

GitHub’s First Public Speaking Workshop For Women At GitHub HQ in San Francisco, CA Saturday, February 22nd, from 11:00am-4:00pm (food, beverages, moral support and also plenty of fun provided)


Additional Information

Meet Our Keynote Speakers:

  • Denise Jacobs, Speaker, Author, Creativity Evangelist, Passionate Diversity Advocate
  • Diana Kimball, Expert Novice, Bright Soul, and Harvard MBA Set Out on Making the World A Better Place

Our Awesome Mentors For The Day:

  • Ana Hevesi, Community Developer at StackExchange, Conference Organizer, Brilliant Wordsmith, So Damn Well-Spoken
  • Andi Galpern, Expert Web Designer, Rockin' Musician, and Passionate Tech Educator
  • Alexis Finch, Sketch Artist, Has Probably Seen More Conference Talks Than Ted Himself, Badass Women's Advocate
  • Alice Lee, Designer and Illustrator at Dropbox, Super Talented Letterer, and Organizer of Origins
  • Anita Sarkeesian, Creator and Host of Feminist Frequency, Pop Culture Trope Expert , Probably the Most Hilarious Human Alive
  • Angelina Fabbro, Engineer/Developer and Developer Advocate at Mozilla. Writes Code/Writes Words About Code/Speaks About Code
  • Ash Huang, Designer at Pinterest, Really Quite Handy with Gifs IRL
  • C J Silverio, Cats, Weightlifting, and Node.js, Not Necessarily In That Order.
  • Divya Manian, Crazy Talented Speaker, Avid Coder, and Armchair Anarchist
  • Garann Means, JavaScript Developer, Incredible Writer, Proud Austin-ite, and Beyond Powerful Speaker
  • Emily Nakashima, Resides in the East Bay, Programs at GitHub
  • Jackie Balzer, Writes CSS Like It's Her Job (It Is), Leads An Army of CSS Badasses at Behance
  • Jen Myers, Former Passion Projects Speaker, Dev Bootcamp Instructor, Fantastic Keynoter, and Starter of Brilliant Things
  • Jesse Toth, Developer at GitHub, Cal CS Grad
  • Jessica Dillon, Lover, Fighter, Javascript Writer
  • Jessica Lord, Open Sourcerer, Former Code For America Fellow, Changing The Way The World Interacts With GitHub/Code/Javascript
  • Julie Ann Horvath, Passion Projects Creator, Developer, and Designer of Websites and Also Slides
  • Luz Bratcher, Helvetica-loving UX designer at Design Commission, Event Admin for Seattle Creative Mornings
  • Mina Markham, Badass Lady Dev, Girl Develop It Founder/Instructor, Generally Rad Person
  • Netta Marshall, Lead Designer at Watsi, Formerly Rdio, Professional Ninja, Owner Of Best Website Footer On The Internet
  • Raquel Vélez, Hacker of The Web (node.js), Robotics Engineer, Polyglot, (Cal)Techer
  • Sonya Green, Chief Empathy Officer, Leads Support at GitHub
  • Tatiana Simonian, VP of Music at Nielsen, Formerly Music at Twitter and Disney
  • Willo O'Brien, Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach, Seriously Positive Person

Working/Hacking in small groups with our mentors:

  • HOW TO: Choose a topic to speak about.
  • HOW TO: Find a conference or event to speak at.
  • HOW TO: Write a talk proposal and personal bio.
  • HOW TO: Write content for your talk.
  • HOW TO: Make your slides beautiful and also visible from a far.
  • HOW TO Ship it.
  • HOW TO: Handle Q&A.
  • HOW TO: Solicit feedback (before and after your talk).

Lightning talks: Be bold and also brave.