Hayati | Love

The last Zoom Hayati event this year will take place on 19 December at 7pm, in sha Allah. Five artists / performers will share their work with us and we’ll get to hear their amazing skills and get to know them and their creative process. Please join us for an evening of socially distanced entertainment that will hopefully engage the brain, inspire the heart and feed the soul.

Please join us from 7pm via the zoom. For safety reasons we will send the zoom link to registered participants only.


Hayati at Ort Gallery

About Hayati

Hayati (meaning My Life) is an arts and culture organisation established in early 2020 as an open platform for poets, storytellers and musicians. We aim to engage the brain, inspire the heart, and feed the soul. We encourage performers, whose work is influenced by topics such as politics, social justice and spirituality, to develop their skills and confidence in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Hayati Vision

We want to see a world where: People of all ages have the opportunity to participate in and build confidence in their field of arts and culture. Inexperienced artists find their voice, build arts, cultural and leadership skills that can inform and influence their world. Celebrating culture and diversity is used to connect and educate people, through poetry, music and storytelling.

Hayati Values

Our work is guided and informed by our beliefs and commitment to: Inclusiveness - We are committed to equality, we value diversity and respect people. Participation - we recognise and value the contribution of volunteers within organisations and communities. Quality - we strive for excellence through continuous improvement. Openness - we are committed to a culture of teamwork and collaboration.

Hayati Content

We will facilitate: Emerging artists: Showcasing those that want to develop their public profile, supporting them as artists and connecting them to wider audiences. Intergenerationality: We will ensure our platforms are used to support artists from all ages because we value and respect the experiences of our ‘elders’. Cultural diversity: We will focus on those communities that aren’t often seen as having a thriving arts scene and will actively seek out artists from ‘non-traditional’ backgrounds. Accessibility: We do not want affordability or physical access to be a barrier to our events and platforms.

Payment: Our selected performers and artists will be paid a fee for sharing their skills and time with us and the community. This is a vital step in redeveloping our beleaguered arts scene due to Covid19 and lockdown, as well as a clear representation of how much we value the work of artists. This is possible due to funding gained for Hayati by Ort Gallery from the Big Lottery Community Fund.