CiviTech Workshop #2: Using Open Data to address Hospital Waiting Lists

When: Saturday, July 22, 2017 (10:00 - 17:00)

Doors open: 9:30

Venue: Guinness Enterprise Centre, Taylor's Lane, Dublin 8, Ireland (Follow this link for Google StreetView)

Hashtags: #opendataIRL #HospitalWaitingLists


Additional Information

Hospital Waiting List Workshop #2


The goal of the hackathon is twofold: 1) Understand the needs of patients & citizens around hospital wait times & frame the problem areas with hospital waiting list that have the biggest impact on patients in Ireland, and 2) address the real life problem in a viable, impactful way using the user experience design & digital technology expertise that we’re hoping some of you might be able to lend.

We want to understand the develop some useful tools, visualisations and applications that will allow citizens to make informed decision as to where to seek treatment and allow citizens to hold health service providers accountable to high performance goals.

Workshop #2:

  • Review & validate a list of ideas from workshop #1
  • Explore the patient journey using experience design techniques
  • Explore technology based solutions & frameworks that make it easier for public bodies to release more public data
  • Develop front end portal showing wait times for each hospital in Ireland
  • Explore, shape, design and prototype ideas using design thinking principles
  • Storyboarding, journey mapping, wireframing, font end design, visualisation
  • Data analysis, cleansing, quality review, matching & merging
  • Interactive visualisations of newly released hospital waiting list data so the average citizen can interact with it

Who Should Attend?

This event is open to all with an interest to finding out more about and contributing to exploring the benefits of Open Data, building tools & applications for citizens by citizens, CiviTech events, and generally want to explore ways to help build and create for the greater good, this time focused on the collective challenge of Hospital Waiting Lists in Ireland.

We are thankful to the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform's Open Data Engagement Fund for supporting this event.

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