Individual Irish Fiddle Class with Hilary Schrauf

with Hilary Schrauf

This class assumes moderate previous experience with the fiddle (know the names of the notes and strings; know how to hold the bow), and little to moderate experience with Irish traditional music. We'll have fun digging in to the different types of Irish tunes (jigs, reels, hornpipes, etc.) — and maybe a composition or two — while exploring what makes them sound Irish. Some bowing, slurring, ornamentation, and variations will be taught. Sound files, sheet music and links to other resources will be provided. Reading sheet music is not a requirement.

For more information contact Hilary at 518-424-8701 or


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Or contact Old Songs to reserve: (518) 765-2815

If a student drops out after the first lesson, he/she may have a refund less $55 (the cost of one lesson plus the registration fee). NO REFUNDS will be given after the second lesson.