Extending Legacy Automation with Appium

When we learn automation, we often start building a green field project from knowing the tool, moving from no code to some code and then we return to work where odds are we are extending what is already there. Code is legacy as soon as it has been written, and particularly so when it was written by someone other than you.

In this session, we take a project with some tests, and work on adding more tests following the set up page object model. To do so, out focus on the session is on:

  • How to understand existing project structure
  • How to choose tests worth adding
  • How to add tests using and extending existing capabilities

On side of it, you will learn about page object model, see some appium driving mobile application in python but these skills are relevant across a variety of test targets, the driver and the language you work on may differ.



March 17th, 2022

6:00pm – 7:30pm EET
Legacy Appium Workshop

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