Budget Like A Badass @ CENTRL Pearl

Thursday, March 16th, 12PM - 1:30PM

CENTRL Pearl, 1355 NW Everett, Portland, OR


This is the budgeting class you've been waiting for! With zest & humor, Lillian will help you figure out your personal budget and get past the overwhelm.

Many small business owners are great at managing their company's expenses, but end up ignoring their own personal money situation until it catches on fire. And even if you feel reasonably on top of your money, you'd likely benefit from a budget check-in. Lillian from Oh My Dollar! will walk you through a 90 minute crash course on crafting a quick-start budget for personal expenses based on your values. (And she won't sell you any products or overwhelm you with jargon!)

The class is totally free and open to the public, however, RSVP is required to get a free budgeting zine to take home.

"I learned that money stuff isn't as mysterious and terrifying as I thought it was!"

-2016 Money Bootcamp Graduate

"I would whole-heartedly recommend this class to anyone who ignores their bills in the mail. Take the class. Face your finances and make a plan!"

-2016 Money Bootcamp Graduate

"Taking Lillian's money class inspired me to make a plan to aggressively pay off my student loans! Made a plan to have them gone in 18 months! :sparkles: I'm tripling my payments & it feels sooooo good!"

-2016 Money Bootcamp Graduate

"I really appreciated Lillian's blunt, humorous honesty and ability to tell us what we really need to know instead of boring us with a finance talk."

-2015 Money Bootcamp Graduate