Tom Molineaux - Crossing The Black Atlantic

This free event will be the first public screening of ‘Crossing The Black Atlantic’ at University of Galway. This TG4 documentary tells of Tom Molineaux, who boxed his way to freedom from slavery, before he died destitute in Ireland. Born into slavery in 1785, Tom “The Moor” Molineaux was trained by his father into a legendary fighter. At first, he only fought other slaves to amuse plantation owners, but eventually he went professional and was freed after winning a large sum of money for his owner. Flushed with the rush of freedom, he boarded a ship to London, where he hoped to earn a living fighting professionally. taking on Tom Cribb, then the most famous bare-knuckle fighter in England, in what was described by spectators as a particularly brutal match. Afterwards he moved to Dublin and whilst he was able to earn money boxing at various events all around Ireland he also fell prey to that ancient Irish affliction: drink. His struggle with alcohol made him increasingly ill and he died in 1818, aged only 34, in Galway and is buried in a cemetery in Mervue. Follows by a discussion with Des Kilbane, Co-Director of the documentary.

The View, Áras na Mac Léinn


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