Tools and Toolkits

Over the past few years, we've seen nice-to-have novelties grow and mature into tools that are an irreplaceable part of every developer's workflow. We'll be taking a look at how some of the best in the business get work done, and what they use to do it.

Adam Lehman — Product Manager, Adobe

Brackets is a new open source code editor started by Adobe to push tooling on the web forward. MIT-licensed and hosted on GitHub, Brackets features inline Quick Editing and live browser connectivity. Brackets is built in JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Thorsten Lorenz — Sr. Software Engineer, Conde Nast

browserify allows you to seamlessly integrate your client-side and server-side JavaScript. It supports managing your client-side modules with npm and has a variety of other features, including transforms (which rewrite code on the fly so that you can debug ES6 code in the browser).

Andre Behrens — Sr. Product Engineer, NYTimes

Ever wonder what The New York Times uses to make its website run? Andre spoke to the developers of a brand new version of the site to find out what they're using, why and how.


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