Nx Conf is a conference featuring members of the Nx team and the community. Join us as we share our ideas and expertise about monorepos and making development faster, more scalable, and more collaborative.

Our first ever Nx Conf with an in-person option will be an exclusive VIP experience. As our VIP guest, you will be part of the live studio audience during the live stream of our online event. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to spend time connecting with other like-minded folks. We have the BEST speaker lineup (if we say so ourselves) and are flying in most of our team to spend this time with you. The best part is that we have limited ticket availability to less than 100 folks, so this is a rare chance to mingle with the best in the industry! 

We don't want to spoil any other surprises, but there will be a welcome reception and dinner the night before, so plan your flights accordingly if you can! 

We only have a few tickets left, so if you have any colleagues interested in attending, I would tell them to grab a ticket soon. The sessions will be available online, but the in-person experience is a unique chance to get to know the Nx team and your fellow community members! Curious about the conferences to come? Nx Conf 2023 is happening in April 2023. More details to follow! 

Workshops will be available on Oct. 16 and 18.

Mark your calendar for our next conference... coming soon in April 2023... Details coming soon.




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Learn more at nx.dev/conf

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