Additional Information

Participants are required to complete a full transverse of the famous Maamturks mountain range, a notoriously barren and rocky terrain. With ridges, cliffs and numerous valleys, participants in the walk are generally some of the most experienced hillwalkers Ireland has to offer. Despite the challenge of the event, it is rare to only ever participate once. Many participants are drawn back each year as an annual pilgrimage to meet with friends from around the country.

There will be 250 places available for registration, from 19:00 on 14th February on this page. The cost of entry will be €50 per person for 2024. A maximum of 3 tickets can be purchased at once. An online waiting list will be made available once all 250 tickets have been purchased and tickets will be released on in order of joining the list. Each walker must be registered individually on the walking list as we will only be able to release one ticket at a time.

All participants must agree in full to the Challenge Rules and should consult the registration and participant information before purchasing a ticket. Please note that the Challenge will start between 5am - 7am this year on Saturday 6th April. For further information, please consult the relevant information on our website or feel free to send us an email to Registered walkers will be sent email updates in the lead up to the event.

Important Note - All participants MUST be competent in mountain navigation. Bad weather could make the walk even more difficult than it is already. Before you sign up, you should be confident you're prepared for any conditions.

"All participants, irrespective of whether they are a part of a group, are required to have their own maps and compass and or GPS and must be proficient in self navigation in all conditions, particularly low visibility."