Nx Conf 2021

Presented by Nrwl

Nx Conf is a new, free-to-attend, 2-day conference featuring members of the Nx team and community. Join us as we share our ideas and expertise about making development faster, more scalable, and more collaborative.

This year Nx Conf will include talks from…

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In addition to the conference, there will be a 2-day workshop on **September 14th and 15th** on how to Develop at Scale with Nx Monorepos, presented by members of the Nx Core Team. Workshop registration is $800 per attendee.

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2-Day Workshop - Develop at Scale with Nx Monorepos

Monorepos allow for easy code sharing, atomic changes, and easy transitions between teams. However, an unmanaged monorepo can be catastrophic — grinding productivity to a halt. Nx allows you to effectively manage a monorepo so that you can gain all the benefits while mitigating the costs.

What you'll learn: We'll build up a monorepo from scratch, creating a client app and server app that share an API type library. We'll learn how Nx uses builder commands and schematics to make the developer experience more consistent across projects. We'll then make our own builders and schematics for processes that are unique to our organization. We'll also explore the growing ecosystem of plugins that allow for the smooth integration of frameworks and libraries.

This workshop will cover both React and Angular Nx workspaces.

**Instructors: ** Isaac Mann, Architect at Nrwl Rares Matei, Senior Angular Developer at Nrwl

What is Nx? Nx is a smart and extensible build framework to help you architect, test, and build at any scale — integrating seamlessly with modern technologies and libraries while providing a robust CLI, caching, dependency management, and more.

It has first-class support for many frontend and backend technologies, so its documentation comes in multiple flavors. Learn more on Nx.dev.

What is Nrwl? Nrwl was founded by Angular team members and former Googlers, Jeff Cross and Victor Savkin. Today we’re a growing team of software development experts with extensive real-world experience. We work with startups and Fortune 500’s alike to help their teams build applications that are used and loved by millions of people. Learn more on Nrwl.io.


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