NodeBots Day 2015

25th of July is International NodeBots Day

NodeSchool Vancouver welcomes you to a fun day of learning about robots and code!

NodeSchool is a free workshop where you can learn the basics of JavaScript and node.js in an informal self-guided format, with experienced mentors to provide help if you need it.

NodeBots is a way to control sensors, speakers, LED's, motors and the physical world using the power of Javascript and Node.

We're all volunteers and attendees are of every level of experience and from all walks of life.

Even if this is your first experience programming the only thing you need to start is a laptop and a sense of adventure. Bring your loved ones, bring your friends. There's no barrier to learning to code.

If you do sign up and find you can't attend then please cancel your ticket as space is limited.

For all information on the day please refer to the NodeSchool Vancouver GitHub page.

Thanks for joining us!


  • If you'd like to come and learn about node.js, JavaScript, and bots!
  • If you'd like to help students learn them some node!
By the power of Tito