Wednesday - AINI @ NIDC Meetup Week


After an extensive (pandemic enforced) hiatus… AI NI is back! We are delighted to partner with our friends at the Northern Ireland Developer Conference to bring you this Meet-up event. The event will showcase two fascinating AI/ML presentations that span the world of e-commerce and the exciting tools in the world of browser based “teachable” Machine Learning.

Watch the stream & recording on NIDC's YouTube channel.

Talk #1 by Jordan Jones

Artificial Intelligence? At this meetup, in this talk, localised entirely within your browser?

Yes. May I see it? Also yes. In this session I’ll build a game of Rock Paper Scissors to demonstrate just how simple it is to get started in the world of AI/ML, using easy-to-use tools and familiar programming languages. I’ll cover Google’s Teachable Machine tool, which allows for seamless creation of machine learning models without writing a single line of code. I’ll then look at how the resulting model can be used in applications by creating a model and consuming it in a basic React app. No backend necessary! Along the way I’ll also cover some of what’s going on behind the scenes, but without getting too far into the weeds - I’ll leave that to someone far more qualified! AI/ML is becoming increasingly approachable for newcomers, with the barrier for entry getting lower and lower. Hopefully by the end of this session you’ll think so too!

Talk 2# by Jordan McDonald

Winning a game of e-commerce “Snap” with a little help from Machine Learning

One billion products. 50 million reviews. 12,000 brands. If you take each of these distinct ingredients and blend them together, you get a cocktail of challenge that can be best described as the most complex game of “Snap” in the history of the world. In this talk we will explore how leveraging Machine Learning techniques alongside a healthy dose of software engineer nous can transform the product matching process for the largest Ratings & Reviews provider in the e-commerce industry.In this talk Jordan will introduce you to the intricacies of product matching within e-commerce while shining a spotlight on how you can build your ML models in Python but deploy to almost any modern technology stack through the lens of event driven, Serverless first architectures.


The main event runs from 7pm - 9pm, but doors open at 6pm with catering available from around 6:30pm.

If you're coming in straight from work, come to the space at 6pm to chill out and have some food before the event.


An elevator is available for anyone unable to use stairs, and our event will be taking place in a single-floor flat area without stairs. Toilets will be available downstairs.

Transport and Parking

There are multiple car parks in the area, including NCP Dublin Road and because it’s past 7 there should be some places on the streets. The surrounding area is very safe however NIDC is not responsible for your vehicle.

N.B. Please enter Ormeau Baths by the side entrance on Apsley St

Code of Conduct

Our standard Code of Conduct applies.


A COVID-19 risk assessment has been performed for the venue. Our event is indoors and will require masks to be worn. We ask that you be mindful and respectful of others if asked, please keep a distance. Capacity will have a maximum of 60 people. Your sign-up email will be used as track-and-trace contact information.

FAQ from You

Send us your questions, whichever way you prefer and we’ll put answers on this page for everybody.