NIDC Social @Treehouse

Hi, and welcome to #NIDCSocial - a night out for the NI tech community. After the many ups, downs and sharp turns that scrapped the hard work our team and many of you put into preparing #NIDC2021, we’re not giving up. Despite the setbacks, we really want to give the NI developer community a chance to get together, safely. Starting with #NIDCSocial on 22nd October at The Treehouse! #NIDCSocial is for anyone interested in development of tech; be it design, product, testing, project, management, software, computer science, DevOps, security, hardware, and anything part of technology development, to get together. If it sounds like the community you want to be part of, come on down and we’d be happy to have you. Have you been putting off meeting your fellow NI Tech Slackers, seeing colleagues, or getting together with your Meetup? That’s exactly why we organised #NIDCSocial and we can’t wait to see you. If you want a table set aside for your group, give us a ping. Don’t know anybody yet? Come along and meet us!


On Friday 22nd October, 7pm - 10pm we’ve booked the Treehouse rooftop for the NI developer community to meet up, have a few laughs, and listen to Rebecca Black. Everybody’s going to get some welcome drinks and a platter for food, with a couple of small surprises in the works for the night. After that, the bar is open for people to buy drinks like a normal night out. Of course, we’ll provide non-alcoholic drinks, and cater to multiple dietary preferences & requirements. #NIDCSocial officially ends at 10pm however The Treehouse venue will remain open to guests past midnight.

Daytime Co-Working at Farset Labs Hackerspace

Everybody attending will be able to use the Farset Labs Hackerspace to work during the day, free of charge. They’re a charity that supported NIDC from the very beginning, so we suggest a small donation if you are making use of the space. It’s located a short walk from the city center, near public transport and with a large (free) car park for the business park. You can check out their space in this amazing 3D tour.


We’re meeting on the rooftop of The Treehouse, 38-42 Upper Arthur St Belfast, BT1 4GH. You can see some photos of the venue on their website, too. Some of the main features are the retractable roof, an actual tree on a roof, and a narrow balcony.


There will be a shared platter so guests can pick and choose what they like. Dietary & allergen requirements have been considered and there should be enough of a choice for everyone. If you have any questions specific dietary needs please email us and we will be happy to discuss them with you.


An elevator is available for anyone unable to use stairs, and our event will be taking place in a single-floor flat area without stairs. Accessible unisex toilets are available on the same floor as the event. Assistant animals are allowed on the premises. 

Transport and Parking

There are multiple car parks in the area, including Victoria Square and because it’s past 7 there should be some places on the streets. The surrounding area is very safe however NIDC is not responsible for your vehicle.

Code of Conduct

Our standard Code of Conduct applies, with one highlight we want to make. You can purchase alcohol at the bar, but if your drinking is causing you to behave in a way that makes people uncomfortable, you will be asked to leave.


A COVID-19 risk assessment has been performed for the venue. Our event is outdoors (unless the roof must be closed for rain) and it won’t require masks, but we ask that you be mindful and respectful of others if asked to keep in mind the distance. Capacity event will have a maximum of 70 people, despite being outdoors as an additional measure for COVID-19 risk reduction. Your sign-up email will be used as track-and-trace contact information.

FAQ from You

Send us your questions, whichever way you prefer and we’ll put answers on this page for everybody.