NI Game Awards 2017

Join us Sunday evening at 6pm!

Experience the best Northern Ireland has to offer from a Year in Games and meet the great and the good behind the scenes that made it happen

Dozens of Game demos and Global Game Jam games to try out. Mentors to help you improve your game, find funding, or work out production issues. Lots of eager and experienced play-testers! We'll have power and wifi for you, and some food and drinks and comfy seats. Bring your games and your business cards, or just yourself and a desire to hang out and chat with other devs.


  • "Beyond Hirieth" by Enter Yes

  • "One of the Last" by Deep Voodoo Gaming

  • "Tara's Locket" by Big Motive

  • "Tubocity" by Whitepot Studios


  • Deep Voodoo Gaming

  • Enter Yes

  • Italic Pig

  • Whitepot Studios

NI RISING STAR (Best New Game Developer)

Michael O'Kane

NI Game Dev Network Community Award

  • Donal Philips

  • Kitty Crawford

  • Vicky Potts

As always anything left over, whether it's cake, Tshirts, or money (it's never been money but we can live in hope!) belongs to the NI Game Dev Network community, and passes forward to future events and to supporting the NI game community. Anyone can come and chat about the financial or voting details of the event by arrangement, just shoot us an email.

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