ngVikings 2020 - The free online Angular conference

The main Angular conference in the Nordics goes online in 2020. And it's FREE!

★ Thanks for all your supporting messages, dear Angular Vikings! ngVikings team decided that we can't skip the event in 2020, and we go online!★

Please, claim your free ticket now. We'll inform you about the exact way to join ngVikings Online via the message to the ticketholders★

Don't forget to grab your badge using the link where YOUR_TICKET_ID is the ID you receive right after ticket registration (looks like ABCD-1). Please, share this badge on twitter using #beAViking hashtag and referencing @ngVikingsConf ★

Having Angular core team members, Google Developer Experts, and legendary international speakers onboard, ngVikings Conference guarantees an excellent program: fresh, technically deep, and 100% useful.

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Additional Information

ngVikings is a community-driven Angular conference traveling across the Nordic countries. The 4th ngVikings event is scheduled for the May 25-26th - online. This event will gather thousands of front-end developers from different countries together. The talks will be mostly about Angular and other technologies related to the Angular framework. ngVikings operates as a non-profit organization.