Generative AI Workshop with Gerard Sans

Generative AI Masterclass using MakerSuite, PaLM 2 and Angular

In this full day training, you will learn how to leverage Google's new Generative AI platform using MakerSuite and PaLM APIs to build the next generation of AI-enabled Applications and powerful chatbots with Angular.

The workshop is hands-on and practical, but we also give an overview of all the latest advancements and ideas.

🗓️ Save the Dates: Dec 4th, 2023

🏢 The Venue:  Spaces Arte, Viale dell'Arte, 00144 Roma RM

🕒 Time: 9 - 18


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Additional Information

Topics we will cover:

  • Introduction to Generative AI, MakerSuite and PaLM 2
  • Common risks and mitigations: prompt attacks, biases and facts grounding.
  • Building a REST PaLM API client for Angular, Auth access and best practices around error handling
  • Using PaLM 2 for Text
  • Prompt techniques and how to use temperature, topK and topP
  • Lab: prompt design best practices
  • Using PaLM 2 for Chat
  • Introduction to LangChainJS, embeddings and vector databases
  • Lab: building a Bard clone
  • Foundational Models
  • Lab: adding code highlighting to our Bard clone
  • Bonus: Embeddings, LangChainJS and AI Agents
  • Lab: building an AI Agent with access to tools (calculator, search and runtime)
  • Responsible AI principles in practice: traceability and monitoring


  • VPN access (VPN Express, or similar). Beta access only available in US. Eg: NordVPN monthly plan with 30 days free guarantee ($12.99)
  • Intermediate Angular v16
  • Basic knowledge of Node

Who is the target audience? Anyone who wants to experiment with cutting edge Generative AI into their apps or websites using Angular. No previous experience with artificial intelligence is necessary.

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