NGI Open Calls: Q&A Session

Join and find out everything about the current NGI Open Calls for innovators

Are you a researcher or innovator working on a human-centric Internet? Join our live Q&A session for any questions you may have on the current NGI Open Calls, on 12 July at 14h CEST.


Additional Information

Calls on the spotlight:

Technologies improving Search and Discovery NGI Zero Discovery 16th call – closing 01 August

Reinforcing the European Blockchain Ecosystem NGI ASSURE 4th call – closing 01 August

Federated testbeds for NGI innovators Fed4FIRE+ 9th Open Call “MEDIUM EXPERIMENTS” – closing 07 September

NGI Experiments together with US Teams 4th Open Call – closing 15 September

Ontochain Framework Prototype NGI Ontochain 2nd Call – coming soon

Why participate?

The NGI Open Calls Q&A Session is an opportunity to:

  • learn key insights on the current NGI Open Calls
  • receive tips for shaping an effective proposal
  • meet NGI innovators and foster collaboration