ADHD OASIS Meetup on How to Manage Impulsivity [VIRTUAL]

You Are Not Alone

Join us on Tuesday, April 4th for New Tech's ADHD OASIS Community Meetup on How to Manage Impulsivity

Both inattentive and hyperactive subtypes of ADHD are prone to impulse control problems. This impulsivity can come in handy in rare situations where they need to think on their feet, but it generally puts them at risk of making poor choices and taking unnecessary risks.

To understand why impulsivity is a characteristic of ADHD, it’s important to understand the science behind how impulses happen and how the brain typically controls them. Join us for New Tech Northwest's ADHD OASIS. This virtual event will combine community and coaching to support you in building supportive systems for managing your neurodiverse brain. Discover how to decrease your neurodiverse challenges while building relationships with fellow ADHDers and neurodiverse peers who are on similar journeys.

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You can attend these virtual Meetups on the first and third Tuesdays of every month. The more Meetups you attend, the more peer connections you'll make with other professionals who have neurodiverse brains like you. Instead of being lonely in your experience, come laugh, learn, and connect with your community.

During the Meetups we'll share struggles as well as systems and strategies to overcome your executive functioning and working memory challenges like anxiety, overwhelm, miscommunication, interrupting, inattentiveness, stress, distractibility, procrastination, paperwork fails, imposter syndrome, having to mask your neurodiversity at work, and weak organization skills. Welcome!

The Agenda *You are welcome to show up late or leave early to suit your schedule. We understand that this is a workday event and unexpected priorities arise. We're neurodiverse and understand these realities. :)

12:00pm – Welcome! 12:05pm – Community discussion of today’s main neurodiverse topic 12:20pm – Breakout into small groups to discuss the topic further and meet some new friends 12:45pm – Return to the main Zoom room to share stories and learnings from your breakout group experience 1:00pm – Closing and farewell until the next Meetup in two weeks