Neutral Bicycle Winter Storage -2014

Below select the number of months that you would like to store your bike for and if you would like additional maintenance or a tuneup

Before purchasing Additional Maintenance or Tuneup, at least one month of storage is required.

Additional Maintenance consists of:

Lubricating the chain + Cleaning the frame + Putting air in the tires

Additional Tuneup consists of:

Brake Adjustments + Wheel Truing + Derailleur Adjustments + plus all maintenance features

Winter Special consists of:

3 months storage + 1 month free storage

the special package runs from 11/2014 to 4/2015

All payments are rounded to the nearest month

Ex) Storing bike for 2 weeks is the same as paying for 4 weeks.

For any questions/concerns contact us at 217.979.2471 or

**Please don't bring locks or helmets with the bike for storage

**Print out your ticket and bring it with you at Neutral Cycle during regular business hours upon dropping off the bike

Select the number of months you wish to store your bike for below.

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