JAMstack_conf New York - 2019

JAMstack_conf New York is a conference for web developers, directors, managers, and agencies who are interested in the next evolution of modern web development architecture. Talks are professionally curated into a single track to maximize value. You are sure to walk away better informed, better connected, and truly inspired!



Tuesday, April 9
A full day of talks professionally curated in a single track. Filled with tons of demos, lessons, ample opportunity to network, amazing food, and interactive sponsor exhibits!


Tuesday evening, April 9
Discuss the day's events and talks with your fellow attendees and the speakers. Everyone is welcome to stay for this relaxed afterparty, and includes food and a hosted bar!

Conference Tickets

Super Early Bird - Available until sold out. Tickets are $199
Early Bird - Available until sold out. Tickets are $299
Standard - Available until sold out. Tickets are $399


Dive deeper into the conference subjects and more with full-day workshops from some of of the top engineers in their category. Sold separately from the conference.

Wes Bos: Building Modern React Websites with Gatsby.js (full day)

Wednesday, April 10
Gatsby is a JavaScript framework for creating wicked fast, modern websites with React and GraphQL. Gatsby makes it easy to build a website with all of today's best practices at the forefront - not an after thought. This includes code splitting, pre-loaded routes, image loading and compression, offline ready and so much more. Along with amazing user experiences, the gatsby developer experience is fast, hot-reloaded and easily deployable. Together we will build a Gatsby.js based website from scratch, learning the core concepts and understanding how to tackle a website.

David Wells: Serveless Workshop (full day)

Wednesday, April 10
Curious about serverless technology? Wondering what the story for the backend is when building with the JAMstack? In this workshop are going to use a serverless functions and React to build a production ready full stack application on top of Netlify. Our application with include user authentication, protected API endpoints via serverless functions, and a backend datastore to persist data with a static JAMstack frontend.

Workshop Tickets

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