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  • Instructor: Monica Powell
    In this workshop, Monica Powell will cover the fundamentals of developing fast, accessible sites with Gatsby, a React framework, and dive deep into the building blocks you’ll need to build your own custom Gatsby sites.

    After completing a mix of lectures and exercises you’ll be able to build a Gatsby site from the ground up and deploy it live. In particular, you’ll learn the ins and outs of creating Gatsby sites, from selecting a starter or theme, using GraphQL to generate the data layer, making Markdown content interactive with MDX, deploying your site, and more!

    This workshop is for JavaScript developers who haven't had extensive experience with Gatsby and want a deeper understanding of Gatsby.
  • Instructor: Tara Z. Manicsic, Netlify
    At the last JamstackConf we announced Netlify Build Plugins. We’re excited to offer devs a way to create custom build functionalities and a one-click install method for all devs and Netlify users to add them to their build process. In this workshop, we’ll create Build Plugins of our own. We’ll cover all the tools we make available to customize the build process and touch on the many different possibilities that help automate processes for you and your users.
  • Instructor: Gift Egwuenu, Passionate People
    Nuxt.js is a Vue framework for creating modern web applications that makes development painless and powerful with excellent developer experience. This workshop will cover everything you need to know to build a web application from scratch. We'll start with scaffolding a Nuxt app to learning how to extend the functionalities of our app with Nuxt Modules while exploring some new features Nuxt.js offers and finally deploying our app.

    This workshop is for anyone with knowledge of JavaScript and Vue.js interested in building web applications with Nuxt.js.
  • Instructor: Lars Birkholm Petersen, Uniform
    It's a well-known fact that personalization can help increase engagement and conversions by giving site visitors a more relevant experience. But typically the hardest part of getting started with personalization is the planning required to develop an effective personalization strategy.

    This workshop will help you understand the different types of personalization, the technical and business challenges that shape a personalization strategy, and how scalable personalization can be delivered on the Jamstack.
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Tuesday, 6 October 2020

9:00am – 3:00pm Day 1 - Virtual Conference

Wednesday, 7 October 2020

9:00am – 1:00pm Day 2 - Workshops