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  • This 5 hours long workshop is a very deep dive into writing real-world and modern backend testing. Most traditional testing guides focus on testing functions and units. In their daily routine though, developers are challenged with covering all the layers of their components - Database, APIs, MQ, metrics, 3rd parties, and more - not just logic functions. This workshop is all about writing these realistic tests in the RIGHT way. Overall, it packs 25+ best practices and 20 hands-on exercises that will open your mind to modern testing techniques. This workshop is based on Yoni's GitHub testing best practices guides ( 85,000 stars). ? Bonus: Participants of this workshop will get access to Yoni's online 6 hours testing course
  • Fastify is an HTTP framework for Node.js that focuses on providing a good developer experience without compromising on performance metrics. What makes Fastify special are not its technical details, but its community which is wide open for contributions of any kind. Part of the secret sauce is Fastify plugin architecture that enabled developers to write more than a hundred plugins. This hands-on workshop is structured around a series of exercises that covers from basics "hello world", to how to structure a project, perform database access and authentication.
  • David Mark Clements introduces and uses the latest decentralized protocols, developer tooling and a brand new decentralized application platform to walk through creating an end-to-end encrypted, decentralized full-stack application over the course of this three-hour workshop. The only requirement is JavaScript knowledge. Node and/or frontend experience will also help. As an added bonus, the workshop will be conducted over a completely decentralized conferencing application, built with the same technologies we'll be discussing and working with.
  • This workshop provides an introduction to cloud native development with Node.js. The workshop will walk you through building cloud native Node.js applications, including demonstrating typical components that form part of the Red Hat and IBM Node.js Reference Architecture. Next, we’ll take you through a full stack deployment on Kubernetes. The workshop will cover key cloud native concepts and technologies, including health checks, metrics, Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Grafana.
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